Jonathan (aka Big Jon) Is Nanaimo's leading Strength Coach and Fuctional Fitness Trainer

“I want to make a difference in peoples lives!” That is what Jon said over a decade ago when he became a fitness leader.  Now the Founder of Full On Fitness and FullOn Athletic Development Systems,  he is the 'go to guy' for many of Nanaimo’s top athletes. Always keeping up with fitness trends and athletic research shows that Jon is still passionate and dedicated to his chosen career. His believes that fitness must be functional and focused on injury prevention. Along with a willingness to pass on his knowledge, Jon is one of the most sought after trainers on the Island.

Let Jon motivate you and empower you with the truth of lasting results.

No matter your age, physical capabilities or drive Jon will put his years of knowledge and experience to work to help you face your biggest challenge. Life.

Over the years Jon has trained many of Nanaimo's finest athletes including the following;


  • Andrew Harris #33 BC Lions
  • VIU Mariners Womens Volleyball
  • VIU Mariners Baseball Institute
  • VIU Womens Soccer
  • Lead Coach to Pacific Sports Ignite Program
  • Nanaimo Diamonds Synchonized Swimming
  • Nanaimo Riptides Swim Teams
  • Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Derby
  • Canada Bowl National Champions/Inter Gold Cup Champions BCJFL Champions, The VI Raiders Football 2009/10/11
  • Nanaimo Timberman Lacrosse Team Senior "A" and Intermediate "A"
  • Barsby Bulldogs
  • Hornets Jr. Rugby
  • Flipside Gymnastics
  • Wellington Volleyball….

 along with numerous athletes from a wide variety of sports including Hockey, Football, Lacrosse , Baseball, Golf, MMA, and Moto Cross to Track & Field, badminton, Martial Arts, Skiing etc.




Accreditation and Specialties

  • BCRPA  Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Weight Lifting Instructor
  • BCRPA Group Fitness Leader
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1
  • NCCP : Olympic Lifting Coach
  • IYCA: High School Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • IYCA: Kettlebell Instructor
  • IYCA: Olympic Lifting Instructor
  • IYCA : Youth Nutrition Specialist
  • MCT Specialist (Myofascial Compression Technique)–Foam Roller Specialist
  • TWIST Conditioning
  •  Balance/Stabilizer Training/Hard Core Strength/ – MMA Conditioning
  • Post Injury Rehab
  • Stability, Balast Ball, and Bosu Trainer Specialist
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Certified Nordic Walking Instructor
  • YOGA Fitness Specialist Level 1